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in her own words - wcw magazine/april 1998 ······································································································································································
"I was very lucky. I feel as though I really have been blessed when I think of how I became a Nitro Girl," said Whisper, the newest member of the incredibly populer dance team, the Nitro Girls.

It was October '97, as she was sitting in the stands watching a Buccaneers football game, when she was asked if she would mind having her face on screen as the game opened. "Of course not," she responded. That began the journey that led her to the Nitro Girls.

After seeing Whisper on the screen, a photographer for the Nitro Girls who was attending the game introduced himself and said he thought she might have the "look" that Kimberley, who had been looking for the seventh girl, might be interested in for the team.

"I loved WCW as a kid and I was thrilled when I was approached," Whisper said. She was flown to Atlanta where she met with Kim, who immediately auditioned her and agreed that she, indeed, had the look - and the height - that she had been looking for.

Suddenly, Whisper found herself moving to Georgia on December 15th to become Nitro Girl #7. She made her Nitro debut on January 5th of this year. "I had done several different types of shows," said Whisper of her first Nitro experience, "but none where the crowds were that large and that loud. It was definitely a case of a 'deer in the headlights' reaction for me when I went out there the first time." Now, however, she says things are going along great and she is far less intimidated by the crowds, the noise and the confusion that can come with doing live shows.

Before her stint as a Nitro Girl, Whisper took 10 years of Jazz dance classes with some ballet thrown in. She also was into sports and fitness. This led her to modeling, where she did print ads, runway and mannequin modeling. She attended Tampa Collage for a semester before deciding that she was not challenged enough by the classes and began to concentrate more on her creative side. "I always wanted to be the female Barishnikov," said Whisper of the mega-famous late-ballet dancer. "I wanted to be a dancer since I was a child."

However, as much as she loves her on-air role as a Nitro Girl, Whisper says it is the promotional work that the Girls do that she enjoys even more. "My favorite part of the job is the promotions. I love dealing with the fans. I want to show them there is much more to us [The Nitro Girls] than what you see on TV on Monday nights. We work on our inner beauty as much as we work on our outer selves and we try to reflect that with the fans when we can."

Whisper, originally from Tampa, Florida, loves horseback riding and owns a horse that is kept in Florida. She is a volunteer at her church and plans to get back into fitness shows and fitness modeling again, now that she has settled into life as a Nitro Girl. She also has aspirations for the future. "I love working with the Nitro Girls and hope to be with them as long as they will have me," she said. "I also would like to go back to college and get my joint degree - an MBA and a degree in Health and Human Sciences."

About the Nitro Girls, who have all become her close friends, she said, "Each one of the girls has a very strong postive characteristic that I would like to learn from them. They are all so unique and such nice people to work with. We all get along very well." Because she is a bit over 5'10", Whisper compliments Kim's height and strength and said she will be doing some gymnastic routines in the future, including stunts with Kim. "We're working very hard on giving the fans variety. We never want our routines to become stale," she said.

Whisper says it was her strong faith that brought her to where she is today and said she is thankful just for waking up everyday. Life, she says, is all about giving back. "If I can't be a light in someone's life and make them smile, I haven't fulfilled my purpose for the day," she remarked. On Monday nights, she surely fulfills that purpose a million times over.

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